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Welcome from the team at Archive Edition!

Paul Freeman
Over the past 30 years Paul Freeman has dedicated his life to collecting Arts & Crafts era textiles. With his unique eye for exceptional artistry and deep knowledge of and love for period textiles, Paul has collected a truly unique library of authentic Arts & Crafts textile designs. Archive Edition reproduces a series of carefully selected patterns from this library that we trust you will cherish for years to come.

“Throughout my life I have been continuously inspired by William Morris and hope to embody his spirit in all of our textiles".

Kaytee O'Brien
With a background in costume and fashion design, Kaytee has many years of experience working to create customized products and experiences for clients. She also has a great love of art history and appreciation for handcrafted goods. Kaytee has worked as a designer and fabricator for the past decade in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and now she is happy to be here in LA working with Archive Edition.

Karl Eulberg
Karl Eulberg has been a collector and seller of Arts & Crafts furniture for two decades. His love for period furniture and textiles is equaled only by his interest in E-commerce and making Archive Edition a fun and easy place to explore and shop.

"Providing the highest quality, authentic textiles that make our customers' homes more exceptional is not work – it is Joy!"